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With sweltering summers, air conditioning is essential for homes in San Marcos, Texas. US Thermodynamics, LLC will take care of your air conditioning installation if you're remodeling, moving into a new home or replacing your worn-out unit. Our team will check the refrigerant level of your heating and cooling system and refill it, if needed.

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When should you schedule a repair?

When should you schedule a repair?

Before your HVAC unit gives out, you may notice some telltale signs that you need air conditioning repair service. Don't wait until you're without A/C to schedule repairs.

You should contact US Thermodynamics to for air conditioning repair work if your unit...

  • Makes strange or loud noises.
  • Turns off by itself.
  • Distributes air unevenly.

If you are struggling to get cool air throughout your San Marcos, Texas home, it's time to schedule an A/C repair.

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